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Perfect World Employment (aka: P.W.E) is founded upon the philosophy that the success of any business is directly related to the quality of their employees. The job of management is to run the business; P.W.E's job is to find management the "Perfect" candidate to hire.

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About Us

We recruit for support, management and executive level openings. We fill openings with some of the most prominent companies in the country, and we know the local market very well (NY, NJ, and CT).

Our senior recruiters have expertise recruiting for openings in technology, finance, banking, accounting, insurance, healthcare, marketing, creative services, manufacturing, consumer goods and the entertainment industry. We are a direct hire, permanent hire recruitment service.


Tim O'Hagan

Timothy O'Hagan


My name is Tim O'Hagan. I have over 20 years of experience in the staffing & recruiting industry. I am a native of Wayne, NJ, but my entire family is from New York City (Bronx and Queens). I have lived in Fairfield, CT since 2004. I am a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT. Most importantly, I am a married father of two. I am a huge sports guy (Giants, Yankees, Knicks and Rangers), a huge movie fan, and I am a closet geek (Star Wars, superheroes, and video games).

I spent 11 years of my recruiting career based in Manhattan and over a decade now in Connecticut. I recruit for support, management and executive level openings. I have recruited for both contract and permanent hire roles, and I have filled openings with start-ups, Fortune 500's and Fortune 50 companies in NY, NJ, CT, and MA.


If you are having trouble finding the right talent to hire, if you are not happy with your current recruiting resources, or if you have an urgent opening that needs the perfect candidate quickly, look no further and reach out to P.W.E.

We pride ourselves in recruiting passive candidates with tailored backgrounds that fit your specific job requirements. In a "Perfect World", describe to us the candidate that you would hire tomorrow, and we will deliver. We have robust networks in various industries, and we maintain relationships with top candidates. Let's set up a time to speak. We want to learn more about you and about the candidate that you are looking for.

Job Seekers

If you are not happy in your current role, if you are in transition and looking for a new opportunity, if you are looking for a new challenge and career growth, or if you simply want to compare your current situation to what might be available to you, look no further and reach out to P.W.E. Is career growth, a better commute or better benefits your motivation? Are you looking for a new environment or a different lifestyle? We can help you! Maybe you are happy in your current situation, or you are hesitant to make a change? In a “Perfect World”, what would get you to consider, or what would get you excited enough to think about making your next career move? Give us the details, and we will reach out to you when that opportunity arises. We can help you in several other ways. We know what client companies want. We put you in the best position to succeed during the interview process. We coach you with resume edits, interview preparation (phone interviews & face-to-face), and we'll help you with salary and benefits negotiations during the offer stage. We get you to the finish line. Let's set up a time to talk. We want to learn more about you.

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